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SHOWTA - Ryuugazaki Noboru - Aoi Shouta: Personal Thought 
5th-Dec-2013 02:59 am
So, it was all started from me trying to search for Kaettekita!Quiz no Prince-sama 6 which had Aoi Shouta and Shimono Hiro in it.
Related video brings me to Mamo's QuiPuri, and don't know why I ended up to Shoutan's old videos.

I knew him just recently, before the start of UtaPuri Season 2. The funny thing is I fell in love with him without knowing his character at all. I even barely watched UtaPuri before, yet a curious 'click' on his Negaiboshi brought me for what I am now.

Since then, I started slowly collecting information about him, and the oldest thing I knew was his days as SHOWTA and his songs at that time. That's all. Maybe I've read somewhere about he using pseudonym 'Ryuugaki Noboru' (judging from the videos time, I suppose this name was used after his contract as 'SHOWTA' ended) but I just let it brush off my brain.

This was the first video I found about Ryuugaki Noboru.

(Another video here and here)
I got my mind blown away. I mean, I know he's an awesome singer but for actually he's already this good in his 2009/2010 ish, he's just very talented!

Googling his name and ended up on YouTube

I'm not fluent at Japanese and before I deliver you wrong information, let's say it's safe to say that I need someone else to give me (or us) insight about this event. I don't know if this event is girls/girls performer only but Shouta (or Ryuugazaki Noboru) here dressed and sang as a woman.

No, it's not my intention to make you say 'ooohh so he was a cross-dresser before hmm looks nice'. I know how tough life as a seiyuu was (you can see how Suzumura Ken'ichi life before becoming a huge-famed seiyuu here) and altough that time Shouta wasn't a seiyuu either (he debuted as seiyuu in 2011 and these videos were taken on 2010) he still live his dreams by singing. Even it means using his femine voice to cross-dress and singing girl songs.

Especially burst into tears after read this post.

SHOWTA - Now Ryuugaki Noboru -

Long before I read this post, I already watched the video (actually it has 3 parts) and because the video quality is bad, leading to some blurry Japanese speech I just shrug it off, in the end I couldn't really understand the main topic of the videos. (btw the video was taken on April/May while the concert video above was on July 2010)

(Edit: nevermind I found the 3 full videos here, here and here [using links bcs don't want too many embedded video, it would be laggy for some])

I don't know what he felt about him being mainly cross-dressing that time. I also don't know if he felt comfortable or not, yet what I want to say is he deserved what he gets now. Basically we only know that 'Aoi Shouta is a new seiyuu with 2 years of experience and only starred in an anime before he sky-rocketed using Ai Mikaze'. Reading this, I hope you share the same thought with me that the fame didn't come just in one night. He built it patiently from stratch, one by one, noting back to 2006.

So, no wonder why he could sing so awesome, acted in many stages recently (looks like the reason why he got into many stages because he was in Fruits Basket stage before? Yet somehow it feels weird to me, the way Shouta got into stages way more than he voiced characters in anime. But oh well, he got Tsukiuta and Sengoku Soine anyway so it counts) and able to deliver such an awesome live performance. He used to do it. He's not merely a newborn idol but he already did many things to get his dreams work up. And seeing his cross-dressing photos, comparing to his FGJHDSGJSHFDGODLYAWESOMEHELP pictures (like here) recently, can't stop thinking that if he did give up on his dreams to sing, we won't be able to meet with this Aoi Shouta who steal our breath with his voice and poses (I ADMIT HIS MAGAZINE PHOTOSHOTS ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER I WANT TO DIEE).

I just can't help but to post something to get this feelings out of my heart. I'm thankful to know Aoi Shouta. I'm glad he teaches me about delivering feelings with your songs is actually real. I'm inspired by his effort to keep his road on and on.

And if someone said that Aoi Shouta gained his fame just by luck, you can have my shoes to fill in your mouth. Or maybe you have to hear Winter Blossom to see if you'll burst into tears.

This man will hold a special place in my heart, not because of his looks (it's a bonus) or his astounding singing technique (it's a skill) but moreover for his wake-up call to me that music can inspire people; music can deliver feelings and music is magical.

[written by an over-feeling Rie who decided to pour her feelings here because tumblr is too dangerous for something so trivial as this and actually lazy to write at first until she listened to Hotaru for the first time and it moved her greatly as to finish this rant].

Additional things:

This is Negaiboshi, SHOWTA's first single. Funny that his songs that moves my heart so much are all from his first single. I can't bear to watch the remaining half of the MV because... You'll know when you watch. I even crying at his hairstyle there.

Another MV from him that makes me want to cry because of the visual

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