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Motherly Feelings 
19th-Mar-2013 02:06 am
To make it fast (I'm a person who, don't know why, always get staight into the point) I saw Mizuta Kouki's screencaps on tumblr. At first I was fascinated because he looked very very similar to Lee Minho (Domyoji Tsukasa of Boys Before Flowers) then I saw the tag. Flower Boys Next Door.

(the caps are here, here, and here)

Wait. This Flower Boys Next Door is the same as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? Since Tom (Mizuta Kouki's nickname) is handling Korean sign... must it be?

So I googled and apparently he's starring in a Korean drama called 'Flower Boys Next Door'. Looking from YouTube clips, it seems he brought to Korea by Amuse Korea (honestly, I didn't know there was Amuse in Korea before)

Coming to the main part of this post. After I watched some short videos of the drama (yes I'm watching because of Mizuta Kouki no?) I have this mixed feelings. I still remember his Kenya in TeniMyu, how crazy and cute also adorable he was there (And selling soumen? Because his iguana ripped Shiraishi's yoga mat? lol!) but now seeing him in Korean drama, still so cute yet begin to be more mature. It's like you're watching your baby, from little until now, he's mature already to flap his wings and fly away. You feel sad but at the same time, very very proud of him. Knowing Tom from scratch in TeniMyu until now, many people said in net that they fascinated by him in Flower Boy Next Door and wants so see him more in dramas.

This also applied to other TeniMyu guys though. Almost all TeniMyu guys are nothing when they first joined TeniMyu (except for Kimeru and some of other casts) but then they gradually take their step towards their dreams. It's sad to see them walk on separated path after graduating, but you also have this feelings of proud and happy when they got big projects, though in your eyes, no matter how well-known they are now compared to the time back then, they're still your babies, your precious babies you know when they're still a newbie in the industry.

Back to Tom, it's always happy to watch him stepping higher, though I know it would be very very hard to be alone in a foreign country and for him to speak foreign language, it must be very hard! Not to mention I stumbled over this quote (from kdramaconfessions)

I was...so sad when I read this. I haven't got the time yet to watch this series but... sob I know your feelings, Tom. You're just a new actor there, with no language proficiency and fame and maybe people watching you just because you resembled similar figure to Lee Minho but remember, we're always, and will always watching you, no matter what others say, because you're just our precious baby. It must be very hard for you, but we will always cheer for you. You can do it! Keep shooting that sparkly smile and fly higher!

(Video from Amuse Korea. From here you can see that he really tries his best)

His Korean is sooo cuteee!!

[It's 2 AM here and I finally blab all my feelings (because Twitter is inconvenient lol) ugh okay now let me sleep, Tom 8D]
27th-Mar-2013 07:27 pm (UTC)
I always liked him because his smile is just adorable and precious and then he's another Amyuboy and oh gosh he changed so much thanks to that Korean drama to way better asdfghjhg have my babies lol
28th-Mar-2013 01:54 pm (UTC)
YESSSS IKR HIS SMILE IS GETTING MORE PRECIOUS HERE ;;;;;; I think I'm gonna run and watch ShitenMyu now ;;;
Seems like he's gonna back to stage this year, looking to many projects he's in now. awww you guys babies would likely have a kirakira smile, cheerful personality and always so positive~ /flails/
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