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Epic Life... 
6th-Dec-2012 09:57 pm
It has been a very hectic and busy 3 months of internship lol. The good thing is I'm going to end all these craziness next week haha! Honestly I also worried about grades my supervisor will give me, but whatever, as long as I able to get out from that kind-of-hell. When I mean hell, literally.

To make it clearer, I'm taking Graphic Design as major in university and currently doing 3 months internship on a Graphic Firm as obligation to take the thesis next semester. I design many visual things from posters to CD cover. The absurd thing is my supervisor always giving us abstract brief and told us to do it in very short time. So dead.

Every time I arrived home I just feel very tired and throw myself at bed automatically. Sometimes I'm too lazy to take a bath because bed is more convicing. I still lurking through LJ though, like, skimming for friends page in a flash of wind then close the tab because work is calling. Oh sob.

I apologize for some friends who kind enough to feedback me (like kusakunai_desu ) She has bunch of interesting entries yet I'm not able to comment it/replying your old comments I'm so sorry!! >A<

As I said earlier, the hell will end next week, so yeah, LJ. Wait for me until the time for us to fangirl again comes haha.
6th-Dec-2012 03:18 pm (UTC)
You're doing Graphic Design? *___* I seriously admire graphic designers <3

I take it you're a few years older than me? I'm starting university in 2013 hopefully! I'm already scared about writing a thesis; I'm really bad at that stuff >^<

At least you're working hard! It's definitely not for nothing. I sometimes like to tell myself, "If I do this, I'm better than the lazy people who don't!" Or even better, "SANADA WOULD BE PROUD <3"

Don't worry about me, make the most of each day! (I should be doing that too lol!)
6th-Dec-2012 03:46 pm (UTC)
Nooo, don't. They may seem awesome from the outside but inside is hell really. If you have friends who want to take Graphic Design, save them... But let them if they want to be an owl haha.

W-w-whaaat asjdhjasd oh my I thought you were already working something. What major you plan to take? And don't worry about thesis, let the time flow and enjoy ehehe... (happens to me also)

...Actually I don't work that hard, compared to others ahaha. Sanada would be all "TARUNDORU" towards me but I think doing something I don't like for life is bad for my health so sometimes I still fangirl through pictures ahaha (still have no time for writing comments).

Make the most of each day (by filling it with things you like [a.k.a fangirling]!!) ahaha bad, bad life.
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