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June 8th, 2014 
Finally, more Japanese movies are showing in my local theater woo-hoo. Last time I watched Ghibli's Kaze Tachinu and so much feelings but didn't get to write about it. This time, instead of bombarding Twitter with my whine, I'll put my Kuroshitsuji Movie impression here so I could read back anytime.

Things I wish happened in Kuroshitsuji movie:
1. Sebastian's "Yes, My Lord."
2. More Shiori's "Meirei da" line.

Things that left me... speechless:
1. Sebastian's... very cheesy ending line. I know sometimes he's cheesy as well in the anime, or maybe OnoD has a better (read: seductive) way to make it sound different.
3. WHY SEBASTIAN'S COAT HAS SO MANY BUTTONS butlers aren't allowed to have too many decorative items on their clothes.

Great things from Kuroshitsuji Movie:
1. The visual effects are awesome.
2. The BGM are great. It's just, in the middle-to-end part, there are some BGMs that played one after another but they just not connected to each other.
3. Mizushima Hiro's gesture was awesome. Very Sebastian-like.

Random Things:
1. I was waiting for the ending credit, hoping there'll be a commentary video from Neesama or OnoD. I know it's very very impossible but I just wish...
2. I know I shall see Kiyoharu differently from Ciel but it's just... She shed tears too much. I know she's a girl and Gouriki Ayame was very very awesome in potraying Kiyoharu with her authoritative voice and gesture but but... I still love Neesama's voice.

Gouriki Ayame is very very bishonen. Maybe I'll re-watch again because her Kiyoharu is just awesome. And that flawless face.

Oh, forgot to add, thank goodness the fangirls when I watched weren't that noisy or BIG CHANCE I'LL SCREAM SO LOUD WHEN I SAW SHIROTAN ON THE SCREEN gdi glad I didn't check the cast list before or that wouldn't be a surprise. SHIROTANNNNN WOOHOOO
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