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16th-Apr-2012 07:41 pm - [sticky post] good day!
Hi all! Thank you for dropping by. My name is Rie, pleased to meet you.

Not really a writing person, I rather read than write so I spend most of my LJ time strolling over others' posts. Though sometimes I write too... about useless thing. lol. Mostly active in Twitter because I don't need to post long entries there haha (and it's easier to interact with others there)

I'm Indonesian, currently study to claim my undergraduate degree with Graphic Design major. I have to say, college life sucks. Really.
a cut to my interest because it's long?Collapse )

Despite the looong list I made there, I'm simply a person who enjoys her life and thankful for the people she has in her life :) I love to know people all around the world, even our interest may not be same, just poke me and hey, let's be friends!


Yes. Basically I'm just that ordinary fangirl who goes crazy whenever she saw a shout-able, dokidoki-able, headdesk-able things.
8th-Jun-2014 07:47 pm - Kuroshitsuji Movie Impression
Finally, more Japanese movies are showing in my local theater woo-hoo. Last time I watched Ghibli's Kaze Tachinu and so much feelings but didn't get to write about it. This time, instead of bombarding Twitter with my whine, I'll put my Kuroshitsuji Movie impression here so I could read back anytime.

Things I wish happened in Kuroshitsuji movie:
1. Sebastian's "Yes, My Lord."
2. More Shiori's "Meirei da" line.

Things that left me... speechless:
1. Sebastian's... very cheesy ending line. I know sometimes he's cheesy as well in the anime, or maybe OnoD has a better (read: seductive) way to make it sound different.
3. WHY SEBASTIAN'S COAT HAS SO MANY BUTTONS butlers aren't allowed to have too many decorative items on their clothes.

Great things from Kuroshitsuji Movie:
1. The visual effects are awesome.
2. The BGM are great. It's just, in the middle-to-end part, there are some BGMs that played one after another but they just not connected to each other.
3. Mizushima Hiro's gesture was awesome. Very Sebastian-like.

Random Things:
1. I was waiting for the ending credit, hoping there'll be a commentary video from Neesama or OnoD. I know it's very very impossible but I just wish...
2. I know I shall see Kiyoharu differently from Ciel but it's just... She shed tears too much. I know she's a girl and Gouriki Ayame was very very awesome in potraying Kiyoharu with her authoritative voice and gesture but but... I still love Neesama's voice.

Gouriki Ayame is very very bishonen. Maybe I'll re-watch again because her Kiyoharu is just awesome. And that flawless face.

Oh, forgot to add, thank goodness the fangirls when I watched weren't that noisy or BIG CHANCE I'LL SCREAM SO LOUD WHEN I SAW SHIROTAN ON THE SCREEN gdi glad I didn't check the cast list before or that wouldn't be a surprise. SHIROTANNNNN WOOHOOO
8th-Jan-2014 05:05 pm - (List) 2014
Planned | In Progress | Finished

Anime Series
Log Horizon [Aug 2]
Log Horizon S2 [4]
Free! Eternal Summer [8]
Kakumeiki Valrave [Sept 5]
Amnesia [Sept 16-Oct 28]
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun [Nov 2]
Kyoukai no Kanata
Hanasaku Iroha
La storia della Arcana Famiglia

Miracle Train - Ōedo-sen e Yōkoso

Gundam SEED [Jan 1-3]
Gundam SEED Destiny [Jan 5-6]
Creamy Mami
Hikaru no Go [Feb 5-9]
Kaleido Star
Code Geass

Ketsuekigata-kun [Jan 9]
Brothers Conflict [both for Ishida-sama reason]
Macross Frontier

Anime OVA
Code Geass: Akito the Exiled [2]

Anime Movie
Millenium Actress
Perfect Blue

The Heirs [Korean]
A Gentleman's Dignity [Korean]
Dream High [Korean]

Concert / Musical / Event
Uta no Prince sama 3rd Stage
Animelo Summer 2013
Kurobas Cup 2013

Gundam Sousei [Jan 6-7]
Log Horizon [Jan 23]
Shingeki no Kyojin

Skip Beat [213]
Wild Life [July 28-29] [127]

SEED Destiny
Dear Girl ~Stories~ [10]

Drama / Talk CD
Honeymoon 1 - Hirakawa Daisuke [Jan 9]
Honeymoon 9 - Ishida Akira [Jan 9]
Danna Collection 1 - Ishida Akira & Hirakawa Daisuke [Jan 9]
Kare Pillow 1 - Hirakawa Daisuke [Jan 10]
Hitsuji de Oyasumi 1 - Ishida Akira & Hoshi Souichirou [Jan 10]
Aishite Ageru nya! ~Boku no Pet~ 1 - Ishida Akira [Jan 12]
Otona no Naraigoto 3 - Sakurai Takahiro [Feb 4]
Aisaresugite xxxsarechau 2 - Hirakawa Daisuke [Feb 5]
Joshuuseki Kareshi 5 - Sakurai Takahiro [Feb 12]
Shukan Soine 1 - Hirakawa Daisuke [Feb 16]
Message 4 U 1: Happy Birthday to U - Ishida Akira & Shimono Hiro [Feb 22]
Nadenade 5 - Hirakawa Daisuke [Aug 1]
7th-Jan-2014 10:04 pm - (List) WIP
This entry list songs on WIP (work in progress). Maybe you'll notice some songs has been staying here from Stone Age, here's why:
1. The song simply hard
2. Have no mood to continue them for this time being hi moody swingy here
3. Too lazy to upload and write description is shot

For the songs I've covered, please refer to tumblr and soundcloud.

  • Yakusoku wa Iranai - Sakamoto Maaya [May 2013]

  • Triangular - Sakamoto Maaya [May 2013]

  • Winter Blossom - Aoi Shouta as Mikaze Ai [June 2013]

  • Kazemachi Jet - Sakamoto Maaya [June 2013]

  • Loop - Sakamoto Maaya [June 2013]

  • Platinum - Sakamoto Maaya [June 2013]

  • Izayoi Namida - Yoshioka Aika [June 2013]

  • Harmonia - RHYTHM [Sept 2013]

  • Jealousness - from Brothers Conflict [Sept 2013]

  • 1/2 - Kawamoto Makoto [Oct 2013]

  • Inochi no Namae - Hirahara Ayaka [Oct 2013]

  • Ano Natsu e - Hirahara Ayaka [Oct 2013]

  • Bright Road - Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Kurosaki Ranmaru [Oct 2013]

  • 1 to 1 - from Brothers Conflict [Nov 2013]

  • Chocolate Insomnia - Horie Yui [Nov 2013]

  • Maji Love 1000% ~Accoustic~ - STARISH [Nov 2013]

  • Most Fortissimo - Suzumura Ken'ichi as Hijirikawa Masato [Dec 2013]

  • Orion de Shout Out - Taniyama Kishou as Shinomiya Natsuki [Dec 2013]

  • Sirius e no Chikai - Taniyama Kishou as Shinomiya Natsuki [Dec 2013]

  • Negaiboshi - SHOWTA. [Dec 2013]

  • Hotaru - SHOWTA. [Dec 2013]

  • Preserved Roses - T.M.Revolution x Mizuki Nana [Dec 2013]

So, it was all started from me trying to search for Kaettekita!Quiz no Prince-sama 6 which had Aoi Shouta and Shimono Hiro in it.
Related video brings me to Mamo's QuiPuri, and don't know why I ended up to Shoutan's old videos.
Although contains some info about Shouta, please beware that this is mainly about personal rantCollapse )
19th-Jun-2013 10:21 pm - Thought of Gakuen Alice
So I was just finish reading Gakuen Alice 176, after neglecting it for so long (will explain the reason later in this post) and feel sooo down after a show of plot-twists, a series of sorrow and pain. I even cried more than 3 times when read the part where Mikan was about to go and her memories of Alice Academy got erased.

Then my eyes catch a thread on Mangafox's Gakuen Alice forum, stated that she was not expecting GA to be so dark and sad in the mid-to-end chapters. That what she expected was a series full of joy and happiness as how Tachibana-sensei first started GA.
I'm not a good writer and often confuse others also write a huge number of repetitve sentences but I think I shall write my thought of this Gakuen Alice.... Don't forget to beware there'll be spoilers underCollapse )
19th-Mar-2013 02:06 am - Motherly Feelings
To make it fast (I'm a person who, don't know why, always get staight into the point) I saw Mizuta Kouki's screencaps on tumblr. At first I was fascinated because he looked very very similar to Lee Minho (Domyoji Tsukasa of Boys Before Flowers) then I saw the tag. Flower Boys Next Door.

Mizuta Kouki and feelings...Collapse )
23rd-Feb-2013 12:34 am - Oha!
Just realized I haven't posted anything for a long time ahaha... I'm too drowned in Twitter-verse, much easier to fangirl there.

Simply a usual useless ramble belowCollapse )
6th-Dec-2012 09:57 pm - Epic Life...
It has been a very hectic and busy 3 months of internship lol. The good thing is I'm going to end all these craziness next week haha! Honestly I also worried about grades my supervisor will give me, but whatever, as long as I able to get out from that kind-of-hell. When I mean hell, literally.

To make it clearer, I'm taking Graphic Design as major in university and currently doing 3 months internship on a Graphic Firm as obligation to take the thesis next semester. I design many visual things from posters to CD cover. The absurd thing is my supervisor always giving us abstract brief and told us to do it in very short time. So dead.

Every time I arrived home I just feel very tired and throw myself at bed automatically. Sometimes I'm too lazy to take a bath because bed is more convicing. I still lurking through LJ though, like, skimming for friends page in a flash of wind then close the tab because work is calling. Oh sob.

I apologize for some friends who kind enough to feedback me (like kusakunai_desu ) She has bunch of interesting entries yet I'm not able to comment it/replying your old comments I'm so sorry!! >A<

As I said earlier, the hell will end next week, so yeah, LJ. Wait for me until the time for us to fangirl again comes haha.
6th-Dec-2012 05:09 pm - Actors Meme: Ueda Yusuke
Doing this on LJ just because... Too shy to post it to tumblr sobbb.

Without checking wikipedia, blogs or anything, answer the following with regards to your favorite seiyuu (in this case I'm doing for an actor lol):
  • name: Ueda Yusuke (Tachibana Kippei in TeniMyu 2nd Season)
  • birthplace/hometown: Ughh I just know he came from Nara Perfecture
  • birthday : Apr 2nd 1989
  • bloodtype : A
  • left-handed or right-handed?: I don't really know. Righty?
  • agency: Atelier Duncan
  • cellphone brand/unit: He has a white cellphone but I don't know the brand sob.
  • has siblings? if yes, identify his/her birthorder: Read this on his blog (with my very limited Japanese okay so don't trust this) that he has a younger brother. Aside from that I don't know.
  • twitter account and/or blog: ameblo.co.jp/ueda-yusuke/
  • debut year: I'm bad at remembering numbers sob
  • other interesting fact you think is interesting to share :
  1. He loves baseball.
  2. For him, coffee isn't just an ordinary drink but also helps to calm him.
  3. His house located in the base of the mountain in Nara Prefecture.
  4. Has piercing in left ear.

SHOOOT there shall be more infos of him sobbbb.
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