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23rd-Feb-2013 12:34 am
Just realized I haven't posted anything for a long time ahaha... I'm too drowned in Twitter-verse, much easier to fangirl there.


My current desktop wallpaper, 7th Gen's Tezuka Tawada Hideya.

Seriously, this is the first time I put a TeniMyu guy to be my wallpaper. Even when I dropped myself into a deep hole called 'fangirling over Ueda Yusuke (2nd Season's Tachibana Kippei), I never made his photos my wallpaper. Even Massu.

He simply made me fall in love with Tezuka in TeniMyu again lol. Since the first TeniMyu, Tezuka's characters never stand out that much in my eyes, though he's my favorite character in TeniPuri. In 1st Gen, Kime-hime catch my attention. Aiba Hiroki in 2nd Gen (because Shirota simply crushed Tezuka's image there lmaoo) Dori in 3rd Gen, Furukawa Yuta in 4th Gen, Ryuuki in 5th Gen and everyone on 6th Gen (I love  everyone on 6th gen!) Although I also mesmerized by Yamamoto Ikkei (7th's Oishi) prettiness, I don't know since when but my eyes begin to follow this Hideya since then.

and I ended up planting mushroom again because these TeniMyu guys are getting younger yet I'm still older and older sob

I was having a bad day tonight; in short, some people being selfish and such and being a person I am, I felt kind of down but I not willing to
share with the real-life people. So I turned my room's lamp off, laid myself in bed and played Okki's Voice Bee Medicine CD. The reason why I
listened to it just because I haven't finished listening to it but at one track, I unconsciously cried because his words just hit me on the right place. "It's okay. Don't give up! You can be a more lovely lady in the future." I never imagine the power of seiyuu to be this great; how you can move a person's heart just by a voice.

Also thanks to my non-real life friends, I never met you guys but your appearance in my life always make a rainbow <3 (though these guys  [like maya_hayashi clairecruz Sarara and Yamumu] loves to tease me so much I wonder why) Also welcoming an Okki-keysmash new friend seiiya I've seen her a lot around the community but just know her now ahaha it's always good to have a rambling-mate.

I finally enter the zone of 'Final Assignment' in university, it's kinda thesis-like thingy so after I finished this I will oficially claim my undergraduate degree for Graphic Design. I still have no idea on what should I work for in the future so I plan to take master class of Art History at Europe. I always love theories more than practical stuffs yet it's sad to know theoritical knowledge aren't much appreciated here...

Oh such a long post I've written. For the last, I just want to let you guys know that I was feeling down weeks ago when Okki announced his marriage. When other people are like 'congratulations on your marriage!' I was... drowning myself in the sea, waiting for the waves to crush my feelings.

Have a blessed and happy marriage, Okiayu Ryotaro! And please continue to deliver heart-warming sinfully seductively sexy voice.

I still not going to hear his Lovers Only Drama CD ok.
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6th-Mar-2013 04:24 pm (UTC)
....stares at the happy!okki lmao 8DDD

yesss let's blame all this to Okki! 8DD I think 'dork' is the main key to all TeniPuri franchise 8DD but the dorkiness is also the reason why this fandom never boring ahaha swims in the sea of dorks

lol zipping movement okay let's do let's do 8DD who knows maybe in ten years or later Tezuka would be just like a dorky Okki lol Tezuka's imagine ruined because of Houkago (but I never regret dorky!Tezuka lol 8DD)
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7th-Mar-2013 01:56 pm (UTC)
but I never thought of them as middle school students 8DDDD

Truth to be told, Tezuka is more appealing when he's being a dork 8DD Although his cool side also awesome, but dorky side makes he... quite down to earth lol XDDD WHERE SHOULD I PUT MY SIGN?? XDDD

.....goodness I never thought of that side. Ugh so we can expect Tezuka to send some deredere tweets to Fuji (or others lmao) I remembered a RajiPuri section when Tezuka sent emails to Atobe, Tachibana, Ryuuzaki-sensei (aka Sumire-chan) and Sakaki-sensei about his days in Germany 8DDDD look Tezuka is already dork himself lmao
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